Entering the Holiday Season

Why hello  November!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that absolutely loves the Holiday season.  From October-January 1st you have nonstop family traditions, joy, gifts, fun and beautiful decorations, amazing food, and just all around fun.

We start out with Halloween. Oh how I love Halloween. You have a day full of community, fun, imagination and the idea of being giving all over the place. What other time of the year do we get to dress up as whatever we want like children again, go crazy passing out candy to adorable children, get to spend hours outdoors playing with pumpkins, going on hay rides, corn mazes etc. etc. I love the whole family affair. Its great.

This year Elenore was Cinderella and daddy dressed up with her. Not just once, but twice! We were really excited to have the chance to have 2 days be full of Halloween fun.  The first day (the Saturday  before Halloween) we got to go to our base’s Halloween Carnival at the Fire Training facility. Matt went as a Roman soldier and loved chasing Elenore around while she played on bounce houses and did trunk or treat.

Then actual Halloween hit and we got the chance to dress up again! Matt and I were Minnie and Micky this time around and we headed over to our Church’s Halloween Carvival. This time around Elle got to do a cupcake walk, some carnival games,  bounced on a bounce house and spent the next couple hours walking up and own our street and the street across from our Church getting candy from door to door. She passed out cold when we got home.

It was truly a magical 2 days. I’m so excited to show River  Halloween next year. Its going to be a blast!


And than we have November and Thanksgiving. A whole month where we are encouraged to look at what we are thankful for and tell everyone about  it.  Facebook is full of posts where people say what they are thankful for and you get to see really how blessed we all are. And than there is fun Fall decorations and getting together with family and friends and eating an amazing dinner.

Than we jump right into the best Holiday of all: Christmas.

Christmas trees, peppermint mocha’s, Christmas carols, if your lucky: snow, Nativity scenes, the story of Jesus’ birth, beautiful church sermons, gift giving, another amazing dinner, Santa, and lots of Christmas baking.

This year I’m making all homemade gifts and I’m SO excited! Plus, Matt and I decided that instead of buying each other something we would pool that money together and get something that we both have been wanting. Its super exciting

Than for Matt and I it’s our 5 year anniversary. Really looking forward to a date night with my man this year.

And than its New years. Another night of fun with friends and lots of good food.

And if you wanted to keep going its than Valentines day. February this year is going to be extra special since our newest little Angel: River will be joining us sometime that first few weeks of Feb. We couldn’t be more excited to meet our newest princess!


What is your favorite thing about the Holiday season??



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