The things I love about Pregnancy

There are so many posts out there with women complaining about pregnancy. And I seriously get it, I have easy pregnancies compared to most women and other women have a legitimate reason to be unhappy. I don’t get morning sickness so bad that I can’t keep anything down, and I really don’t have GH, so I can’t relate to those poor women. But there are some things I think we all can relate to when it comes to the GOOD about pregnancy. Here are a few that I personally love:

*Maternity clothes: they are literally like pj’s! Have any of you EVER been uncomfortable in  maternity pants? I mean seriously, there is always the last few weeks of pregnancy where nothing feels good, but those pants are super nice.

*The feeling of your baby moving within you. Yes, when they are super big and are literally  making your stomach move like there is an alien inside, it can sometimes be really weird. But otherwise, the feeling of your baby moving within is the biggest blessing and the most amazing feeling out there. I love feeling my little girl kick, it makes my heart happy.

* For those women with small breasts: the sudden increase in size. You suddenly go from a A cup to a C cup or even beyond that! Your suddenly getting attention that you normally didn’t and if you have a boyfriend or husband, they are SUPER happy about the change. LOL

* Amazingly soft hair. Now not all of us preggo ladies get this, but I did with Elenore. (not with River…) I was amazed with the softness, fullness and just overall amazing hair that I had while pregnant. My hair was great!

*The joy of looking at your baby and hearing its heartbeat for the first time on the ultrasound screen. You can’t imagine how much you instantly love that little blip on the screen. It may look like an alien or as my husband called River, “a star ship enterprise”, but you know what it is and you instantly fall in love with that little person inside of you. Than they let you hear the heartbeat. Words cannot describe the feelings you have when you hear that little and fast heartbeat. Everything becomes SO real to you than. You have a little person growing inside of you.

* Finding out the gender and the extreme joy of being able to call that little person inside of you by name. Each time with my children, I instantly wanted to cry when they told me what they were. I, myself, was blessed with two little girls and loved saying “Hello Elenore” and “Hello River”. My poor husband did cry and than instantly said “what am I going to do with TWO girls?!?!”

*The first cry from your child. The moment when you first hear and set eyes on your tiny bundle of joy. Nothing can describe what you feel when you meet them in person for the first time. Equal parts extreme joy, love and fear. You have to care for this little one now!



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  1. nana
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 02:38:49

    Beautiful..I still remember with you and Wesley the joy..emotions of love when I hear your heart beat.and the feeling seeing you for the first time..God true blessing..xxoo


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