Self reflection

Tonight I had one of the most inspiring conversations with a friend. She just pushed the feeling I had of wanting to tell all my friends about what their deliveries could be like if they just looked into the information out there and didn’t just blindly listen to their doctors.

Now to be honest, I started to think that maybe my posts were annoying and that I was being pushy. But she also relieved those feelings. My posts were informative to her and made her think about her labor in the future and even inspired her to look more into it all. I’m so proud to say that she is looking into Natural birth and even thinking of doing a home birth with her second baby.  I am so proud of that. How brave of her to look past American Medicine and start to embrace what her body is meant to do.  If all my friends would go natural I would be in heaven, but I know that it wont happen in this medicated world. :p But maybe, just maybe, my posts will inspire more of them to; at least, look into it all.

This feeling of accomplishment and the love of showing women what they are capable of has really had me thinking recently about what I want to do with my future. I have always strived to be a police officer when I was completely done with pregnancy and all my children were in school, but now this has me wondering if I want to join the ranks of Midwives or even Doulas.  I want to be able to help other women in this world altering experience that is called birth, and I want to help other women have the best possible experience that they can have. Whether that is the whole normal medicine: epidural, pit, c-sections etc. or help her go down the natural route, I want to help. This is going to take some thought and definitely wont be able to be pursued just yet. I want to at least give birth to #3 before I start the training for either. haha I know that to become a midwife takes a lot of training and I’m sure its the same for Doulas.

Excited to see where this train of thought takes me in the future. But for now, I’m concentrating on making sure that little Elenore is happy and that this little baby inside of me is healthy, happy and birthed in the most loving environment possible.

I’m so excited to see my little one soon on the Ultrasound screen and to be able to say “Hello Javan” or “Hello River”. Either way, mommy is so excited to see you dear one.


Sunburn woes

Imagine this: your happily floating along on a raft in the hot California sun having a nice long chat with your mother whom you haven’t seen in more than a few months when your brother and husband yell from on top of the houseboat to us, “YOU ARE BURNING!”

Now I knew that I had gotten some sun, but I also was thinking that I had applied sun screen before entering the water and I shouldn’t be that bad. I was oh, so wrong. Apparently my bathing suit had lifted up in the back exposing a good portion of un-sunscreened skin and well…. my poor back took the brunt of it.

So here I am 4 days post burn and STILL in agony. This is with no sun exposure, tons of real Aloe Vera (so fresh that my grandma and Aunt cut the plant and spread the gel right onto my  back from the opened leaf) and once we left California, constant Aloe Lotion.  I haven’t been able to lean back or lay on my back for 4 DAYS!

I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS BAD OF A BURN BEFORE! Lord help me…. Someone want to trade places with me??? 😉