Oh how I love….

*The smell of a Thunderstorm coming in the distance.

*The sight of diapers drying and floating in the breeze

*The feeling you get when  you finally finish cleaning the house

*The smell of a clean dog’s fur.

*The sound of wind whistling through the trees

*A ooy, gooey, marshmallow freshly warmed on a fire.

*The sound of my child playing with her toys

*Cuddling with my husband in the early mornings

*A spontaneous “date night”

*Finding an amazing recipe on Pinterest

*Buying Elenore a new pony and watching her face fill with delight.

*The smell and feel of fresh sheets.

*The feeling of a baby moving within me.

*That sweet smell of a newborn

*New diapers arriving in the mail

*The feeling of God touching you after a really heartfelt worship song.

*Getting a letter in the mail


*Seeing family after along time