The beauty and terror of a toddler

I’m sure all parent’s of toddlers will agree with me here, that there is just something about having a toddler that is equal parts terrifying and beautiful.

On one hand we have a little person who can now talk to you, laugh with you, understand; to a certain point, when they are doing wrong. A little person that can make you laugh hysterically because they are just little clowns and they know they are hilarious. Or a little person whom will now help you pick stuff up, and cleans up their messes to the best of their abilities, and asks for food with adorable will baby words only mommy and daddy understand.

And than on the other hand you have a little terror who now can reach more things and you don’t even know they can reach it till its to late. A little person who waits till you are in a crowded clinic, grocery store, or even a quiet library and than throws the most embarrassing, loud and nerve fraying temper tantrums on this planet. A little terror that now knows that  mommy is tired and will be the biggest brat when Mommy just wants to sit on the couch and relax.


But than its suddenly all worth it when that little child of yours looks you in the eye and says “I wuv you”. Or walks up randomly and kisses your nose and strokes your face. Or when after pulling your hair the little cutie says “oh sorry!” and proceeds to try and make it all better with kisses. And finally when you look into that sweet little face and see the most beautiful child you have ever seen and think “How in the world did we make some a gorgeous and intelligent child?”

That is when having a child makes perfect sense and you can’t wait till God blesses you with an other, fiery, handsome/beautiful, intelligent, ball of energy đŸ™‚