The simple things in life

What a lovely, lazy Sunday. Matt is playing Call of Duty, I’m making Laundry Detergent, Liquid Hand soap and Magnesium Oil (And vegging on the computer ;)) and Elenore is playing outside with a bucket of water and her toys and there is a light breeze making my wind chimes play music in the backyard. I’m utterly content.

Everything is so peaceful and everyone is happy. Who could ask for more?


Sometimes just the simple things are enough to make your heart glad. The sound of your child giggling, your husband’s smile, a perfectly made Liquid hand soap that I made myself with no help from anyone, 2 snoring dogs; passed out on the floor, and the feeling of God hugging you while worshiping…


Life is beautiful. We really just need to stop and look about us sometimes and soak it all up.

What are the small things that make your heart and soul sing with happiness?


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