Oh hello terrible twos….

Elenore turns 18 months on the 30th and I’m not positive she will make it. (Completely joking, but seriously….) The past 2 weeks she has become this demon that just loves to throw temper tantrums, smack me in the face, pull my hair, and throw things at me when she doesn’t get her way. It has been hell.

The other day (Sunday) was the worst though. It had been a long day and Matt and I were already tired. (of course) For some unknown reason Elenore started to throw a temper tantrum. Matt swatted her bottom, firmly told her no, and she smacked him in the face. That promptly lead to her being put in her crib for time out…. It had just begun.

Thinking she was hungry, I made her dinner as Matt listened at her door to see if she was calming. (Nope!) Brought her out (still screaming) and put her into her high chair and she then proceeded to scream her head off, throw her body around and generally be a absolute brat. She even threw the food I was handing her onto the ground. I think tried another approach; started singing soothing songs in her ear as she yelled in my face, she would just raise the volume of her screams to silence me…. Then I put her on the counter and tried to talk to her, she slapped me in the face. That was when Matt looked at me and said “I knew you were having issues with her during the day, but I had no idea….”

Yep, welcome to my world the last few weeks dear man!

That night continued like that for 2 hours. We finally put her into the bath tube (which finally stopped the screaming) and put her to bed. We both then collapsed onto the couch and didn’t move for a good hour.

All I can say is: Good Lord give me patience. It has just begun and I know she is probably going to get worse before she gets better. Matt even was like “and you want to add a newborn to this?!” I’m questioning my sanity, but yes. I want a little boy to be thrown into the mix, and I want to hear newborn cries and coos again. Hopefully, Elenore will have calmed down a tad by the time I get pregnant and the 9 months of baby baking finishes.

I will be needing prayers, lots of prayers please. I really might lose my sanity dealing with my precious demon of a daughter. haha

What happened to this precious girl?!

What happened to this precious girl?!

My crazy child

My crazy child


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