Workouts and Play time

Recently I started the Turbofire 90 Day program and discovered that; without fail, my child will take a 15-30 minute nap when I’m working out and then when I try to have her just play in the room with me as I work out, she will scream at me for daring to ignore her.

Working out with an 18 month old is proving to be real difficult. I could wake up earlier and workout before she wakes up, but I am so not a morning person. haha I set my alarm for 6 am (Good lord help me!) and when it goes off, I just keep pressing the snooze button till its time for Elenore to wake up. Yep, no will power. haha Matt even tried to help me this morning and woke me as he was walking out the door for work (even sat on the bed and talked to me to make sure I was truly awake) and nope, I fell asleep the minute the truck started up and pulled out of the garage. *shakes head* I really am horrible in the mornings. I guess I’m going to just have to keep on trying lol I do get my workouts in though, just not when I want too. Like last night I did it right before bed. (I hate doing it before bed)

Another change in the Berry lifestyle is that I plan on going to get paint, contact paper, and a few other things, for Elenore to start doing projects. Its great that she just runs around all day, but I think I need to start adding some structure to some of her play. I found some activities for Toddlers on Pinterest and I plan on trying them out this week. I’ll post some of them; with pictures, when I get a chance.

First project: Finger “painting”

Should be fun!


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