Cloth diapering fun

Sorry that its been awhile. Life got a head of me and we lost a family member. Blogging just hasn’t been on the agenda!

I can say though that this cloth diaper adventure I started as been a blast! Elenore has now been 100% cloth diapered for a month and I couldn’t be happier! We got our first water bill and it only went up by $4, so that was a relief to know that our energy efficient washers were doing their jobs 🙂 Not to mention that I have started putting our diapers and inserts on the line Matt made for me outside and my diapers actually dry faster out there then in my dryer. haha That was fun to find out. I believe my “smart” dryer just got really confused by the inserts. It kept turning off thinking that they were dry and they weren’t. So after restarting the dryer, over and over again, it was actually doubling the amount of time it should have been taking to dry them. Now that I line dry them, they are dry within 30 minutes or less. Its super nice!

I have another really exciting development in my cloth diapering adventure…. .I got a complete cloth diapering system for $165! That’s the wet bag, sprayer, inserts, covers, diapers, etc.! They can run upwards $400 and I got it for under half that! Whoo hoo! Matt even told me that I did good 🙂 I am so pumped.

In this system I got some diapers that I have never used before too, so I’m excited to see if I like them better then my current gdiapers. They are flip covers, Econobums, and Fuzzibunz Elites. The Econobums was a complete starter system too! (Again, I am so excited!) They are in the washer now being prepped. Can’t wait to see how they work!

I put one on Elenore and I just have to say that I think they are going to work out great. They are much slimmer than my gdiapers and Elenore is so small, so it really fits her wonderfully.

Hears to more diapers and less laundry! haha Not to mention I got my Rockin Green laundry detergent in the mail… LOVE IT!





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lizz
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 00:08:22

    I love agent it’s warm outside to dry the diapers! They get so white!!!! Your lucky you can do it all the time!! Glad you’re having fun!


  2. Amanda
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 19:21:09

    Let me know how they work, I’m in desperate need to increase our stores and bum genius are just so expensive!!


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