Yes, I’m crazy

I am indeed trying cloth diapering. I’m sure the majority of my friends are asking, “why?” and thinking “she’s nuts”. I admit it, I could quite possibly be going crazy! haha But for me this was really thought out and I didn’t take it lightly. (because this is definitely not a cheap experiment)

Here are my reasons for deciding to try cloth diapering out:

1. They are SO dare cute! I was looking at some of the cloth diapering sites (after realizing that a good portion of my friends cloth diaper) and noticed just how cute they are! You could literally just have your child wear a shirt and diaper all day and have them looking cute and stylish! I mean come on! Look at THIS one!

my little ponyIsn’t that the cutest little diaper?! Not to mention that Elenore’s favorite tv show is now My Little Pony lol

2. It felt like the next logical step in my DIY enterprises. I have homemade baby wipes, and homemade laundry detergent. I can’t make diapers, but I can purchase diapers that just need to be washed! (I really can’t sew lol)

3. After looking back at our past purchases of diaper wipes and diapers, we have already spent the equivalent of a full cloth diapering system and a cloth diapering system can be used for all our future children.

4. After talking to my cloth diapering friends I realized it actually wasn’t that hard and that I could do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super nervous for her first poopy diaper haha but after talking about it with ladies, I do believe I can do it lol

Now its just time to try them out! We selected gdiapers as our first diapers. (I have 2, and if we love them, I’ll purchase more) I am currently prepping and washing them! I’ll post a picture of Elenore wearing them real soon 🙂 So excited to get started!


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