VBAC’s, Home births and Pregnancy

Pregnancy has really been on my mind lately. Elenore is now 15 almost 16 months and I really want a little brother or sister for her to play with; so its been weighing heavily on my heart. Especially after losing my last one, its just that constant thought that “I would have been ____ weeks today if I hadn’t lost them”. I’m SO ready to be pregnant again. I really want to try again. With Matt on board; we are starting to try again, and I’m SO excited!

So with that on my mind, naturally I have been starting to think about the future. Do I want a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)? If I can’t get a hospital around here to agree to a VBAC; would I want a home birth or just allow another c-section? With a home birth who would I even employ to be my mid wife? Water birth? Etc.

I seriously didn’t realize how hard it would be to just find a doctor/hospital around here who is even willing to let me try to give birth naturally! It really shouldn’t be this hard! I have done my research and have decided that I am fully committed to giving birth vaginally. There is nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly healthy and I would have given birth vaginally if I had been allowed and hadn’t caught an infection. Its infuriating to find out that some hospitals have VBAC Bans and that some doctors wont even let you try. That is beyond wrong! No one should be forced to do a c-section unless the child is in danger.

So then my mind turns to home births. After some research I found a mid wife in the San Angelo area that is highly recommended and does water births. Water birth just sounds wonderful to me! Being a water addict (Swim instructor, Life guard, did swim team, water polo, was a swim coach, feel most at home in the water, etc) the idea of being able to lounge in a big warm bath during labor sounds fantastic! Plus, looking at all the “bonuses” that giving birth in water gives you, its more and more tempting.

Known benefits of water labor and waterbirth

•  Facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position which is comfortable for labor and birth

•  Speeds up labor

•  Reduces blood pressure

•  Gives mother more feelings of control

•  Provides significant pain relief

•  Promotes relaxation

•  Conserves her energy

•  Reduces the need for drugs and interventions
•  Gives mother a private protected space

•  Reduces perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies

•  Reduces cesarean section rates
•  Is highly rated by mothers – typically stating they would consider giving birth in water again

•  Is highly rated by experienced providers

•  Encourages an easier birth for mother and a gentler welcome for baby


Placing a pool of water in a birth room changes the atmosphere immediately.  Voices get softer, the mother stays calmer and everyone becomes less stressed.


The effect of buoyancy that deep water immersion creates allows spontaneous movement of the mother.  No one has to help the mother get into a new position. She moves as her body and the position of the baby dictate.  Movement helps open the pelvis, allowing the baby to descend.


When a woman in labor relaxes in a warm deep bath, free from gravity’s pull on her body, with sensory stimulation reduced, her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones. This allows her body to produce the pain inhibitors-endorphins-that complement labor. Noradrenaline and catecholamines, the hormones that are released during stress, actually raise the blood pressure and can inhibit or slow labor. A laboring woman who is able to relax physically, is able to relax mentally as well. Many women, midwives, and doctors acknowledge the analgesic effect of water. Thousands of these mothers state they would never be able to consider laboring without water again.

Source: Waterbirth.org

With the all above in my mind, I know that if I did do a home birth that it would be a water birth. It just comes down to if I’m brave enough to attempt it. I’m about 5 minutes from an emergency hospital and 10 from a NICU, so that wouldn’t be an issue, and I wanted a natural birth last time, but gave in to an epidural because of the inducing drugs making my labor way harder then it would have been… So to NOT have the option and to NOT have doctors trying to push drugs on me would be great. Its just getting over the nerves of it all. Glad I have 9+ months to figure out what I want. Not to mention it makes Matt nervous when I mention home birth… haha I will have to find a way to put him at ease if i do that.

Another factor is that Tricare doesn’t cover home births, so we would be paying out of pocket. On one hand that’s a pain, but if I want to be able to labor the way I want, that might be my only option. Looking at the midwife in San Angelo, she has Military discounts and has payment plans, so we  should be able to swing it. So much to think about! And I’m not even pregnant yet! Haha

Think I’m annoying now? Wait till I’m actually pregnant again! hehe

Overall, I’m just hoping that I get a thumbs up from the hospitals around here and I can stop over thinking everything! haha


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  1. thegiantlima
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 20:32:17

    good luck! I know exactly what it’s like to have baby fever.


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