Hello 2013!



I can’t believe its already 2013! This year has been full of changes, and they have been wonderful.

*Elenore turned 1 and started walking, talking, and sprouting like a little weed

* We moved to San Angelo Texas from Mountain home Idaho! We love it here!

* Bought our first home!! Whoo hoo! Its so much fun being homeowners… there is just something about a house being yours. There is nothing like it.

* Made tons of new friends, and kept in touch with old ones who are really like family now. (Molly, Gigi, Ashley, The Pittard’s, Becky… the list goes on and on)

*Went to a family reunion in August where I got to see my wonderful family, and got to show off my gorgeous daughter.

* Matt got a new job and is now an Instructor. He is loving it! He is going to be a great instructor, I just know it.

* Let go of friends and family whom were hurting us as a family. They were hard decisions, but they were worth it.

*Made the decision to go Paleo. We couldn’t be any happier and healthier as we are now.

and finally:

*Welcomed a little one into our hearts, just to have to let them go to heaven. Hardest month of our lives, but we know our little peanut is in the arms of God now.

2013 is going to be awesome. My resolution for this year is to finally lose the last of the baby weight, and to hopefully become pregnant with #2! Little Elenore would really like to have a little brother or sister and Matt and I are ready to open our hearts another little angel. Here’s to 2013 and the joys its going to bring into the lives of our family. Goodbye 2012; you were good to us, but we are ready for the future!

Happy New Year everyone!



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