Diving in

So transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle has actually been way easier than I anticipated. We are not fully Paleo yet, and I don’t think we will every be 100% Paleo (we love our dairy!), but everything in our house is now Paleo or Organic. I’m pretty proud of that.

Our grocery bill hasn’t gone up that much either, which is great since that was our #1 concern. We just couldn’t afford to go much  over $125-$130 a paycheck in groceries. So that in mind, I just kept to my 2 week meal plans and tried to find the deals. I was only $130 dollars this last paycheck, with a ton of snacks for Elenore, and snacks for Matt to take to work. So overall, I’m feeling pretty good! I think with the changes that I have implemented, like, I know make my own laundry detergent and we have decided that we will only each out once a month, we should be just fine. Thank GOD! LOL

If Paleo had killed the budget, it would have also been dropped. So thank goodness, it didn’t.

Something I’m also surprised with is that Matthew really hasn’t complained about the meals. He eats them, says how yummy the different meats are, and only scowls at the veggies (but he does eat them). I believe he will eventually get used to it. haha Its just such a change to how he was raised to eat, and how I have been cooking the last 4 years.
It isn’t much of a stretch for me. My mom cooked really close to Paleo, so I actually can feel myself starting to feel better, just from cooking healthy. I can’t to see if anything changes for us in the aspects of energy, health, etc.

We are definitely loving the journey!


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  1. nana
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 18:46:12

    The few dishes you have shared look yummy


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