Pretty pretty princess

Elenore’s most recent thing is that she drapes everything she can get her hands on around her neck. Its the most adorable thing.

It started out with the dog’s choke collar (the metal ones that look through a hoop to make it fit around the dogs neck), she walked around for days with it draped around her neck. Then she found my necklace, then it was the tinsel  from our Christmas Tree, and most recently it has been clothing. If it can drape around anything, it winds up on her neck.

Another new Elle ism is that she LOVES apples. I was eating a whole apple the other day and she saw me eating it. She watched me intently for a good 5 minutes and then stole it from me. She then proceeded to eat the apple like I was for a good hour! She worked it all the way down to the core! haha She cried when I took it from her and the poor thing didn’t understand that there was no more apple! I think if I had let her she would have gnawed on it all day long. :p

Here are some pics of her new draping technique LOL

Elenore 14 months 006

Helping mommy decorate 002Helping mommy decorate 001


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  1. nana
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 18:49:47

    ❤ ❤


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