I can text him?!

With Matthew being in Intel since before we were married, I have just come to accept that you can’t call them, text them, or even hear from them during the whole work day. People would ask me what he does and I would respond with “I’m not 100% positive about everything he does, but I know he briefs pilots and people on current events, and on missions” and when I was told that it would drive them crazy that I couldn’t talk with him about his work, I always said how I never knew it any other way. He loves to say stuff like “if I told you, I would have to kill you”. LOL

The big joke is that an Intel guy could really get away with cheating since; as wives ,we never ask them anything or question them when they have to go somewhere for work, or they can’t tell us what they have been doing. I know mine would never cheat, but it really shows you the way that our marriage has worked for the last 4 years. (4 in December! NUTS!)

I had friends whom their husbands could call and text them all day, and when I was surprised that they could do that, they thought I was the crazy one. (granted their husbands are Security forces and Comm, but still)

So I’m sure you could understand my surprise when I suddenly started receiving texts from him during work hours. The first time I got one, I was like “Are you at work?!” It was thoroughly baffling that I could send him a text or CALL him (!) and have him respond! Wow… This is what its like to have a normal work scenario! haha What was the change? Well, for one apparently the last few months of living and working in Mt. Home he suddenly realized he could email straight to my phone (haha leave it to my husband to be so far behind the times) and then now that he is working here in Goodfellow, he has more opportunities to text me. He still can’t have it when he is actually working, but there are more moments during the day where he has his phone and can respond to me. (He is now a Intel Instructor) This is really nice! If I need something I can actually ask him! Nuts…

Another baffling, but awesome thing about now being a Intel Instructor’s wife? He comes on ON TIME! Wow… I have gotten so used to 12,13,14 hour work days, that when he started walking in at exactly 3:30-4, I didn’t know what to do with myself… Who knew that you could actually have more than a few hours with your husband before he had to go to bed at night! Crazy.


This Intel wife is going to soak up this attention! Its really nice 😉



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  1. Arielle A.
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 18:10:14

    That is so weird that you guys have been married 4 YEARS!!! When did we get so old???


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