Happy Turkey Day!

Today did NOT go the way we planned.

The plan was to get up, get ready, pack a over night bag and then drive the 5 hours to my cousin Amanda’s house for Thanksgiving. We literally were about to climb into the truck and leave, but first let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before we left. (The doggy sitter wasn’t going to be there till late tonight) Matt went and let the dogs in, I was grabbing my purse when suddenly we both noticed that Sugar was licking a lot. Finding it annoying, I yelled at her. When she lifted her head to look at me, I suddenly noticed that she was gushing blood from her belly and that there was blood everywhere! There went our well planned out day…..

We had to rush her to the emergency animal hospital and leave her there. We finally got her back around 4:30-5. The poor thing had to be sedated and stitched up. She is now one loopy dog. I am just happy she is ok and didn’t do serious, permanent damage to herself. Matt still hasn’t figured out how and where she injured herself in the backyard. Its a mystery.

So because I thought we would be in Richmond and were going to be spending the night, I didn’t have any Thanksgiving-ish food in the house. Matt first suggested we just go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, but then he started asking for Pecan pie. With that in mind I suddenly had to run to Walmart (not a fun experience) to get the fixings for that. While I was there I went a head and bought pumpkin pie supplies also.

Our dinner consisted of: Creamy chicken,  fresh broccoli, mashed potatoes and sweet red wine. For dessert we had pecan pie and pumpkin pie. We are stuffed! Over all today was pretty awesome. It was actually really nice to be able to just relax and cook in my own kitchen.

Also, Elenore decided today would be a good day to be REALLY silly. She discovered that she can climb into her walker and push herself all around the house. She bangs herself into walls, chases the dogs (not so good today with poor sugar being loopy and in pain) and runs into mommy and daddy. She also found out it was really funny to try and trip mommy as she cooked (mommy didn’t find it as humorous).  Right as I type she is scooting backwards around the living room….

Life is never boring around here! haha


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. nana
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 05:17:32

    Nice last minute dinner Tracey
    and the pie looks awesome
    The pecan pie…yummy..need to add to our Christmas dinner menu. Dad and Wesley love pecan pie! Thankful your first thanksgiving in your house was blessed.
    hugs and kisses


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