My weaning adventures

Well, as many of you know, I started weaning Elenore off her pacifier on Thursday/Friday. All was going well until Elle decided that because she no longer had a pacifier in her mouth that it meant she should become vocal… VERY vocal.

Now just to clear this up, she did talk before, and she was very vocal before, but this is a new kind of vocal. She now screams; loudly, for no apparently reason, other than to just scream. She loves to hear her own voice. The first time she did it I thought it was funny and adorable, second time; mildly amusing, 50 million times after that, highly annoying! She now isn’t a polite little toddler when I go shopping, or we go out to dinner, she screams, yells, and talks loudly.

Matt calls it her ridiculousness, because, it truly is ridiculous.
One good thing is coming from this though. Elenore is weaned off her paci! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!! She no longer asks for it. Which is awesome, and horrible all at the same time. HAHA There is not a way to “cork” her anymore, and having her in a car seat is a whole different ball game now. All well, we did this to ourselves! 😉
(Oh and just for a FYI: she still has her bedtime paci… I am NOT ready to try that one yet LOL)



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  1. Alaura
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 05:27:58

    It’s funny, Ella seemed to ween herself from the paci. At about six months, she didn’t ask for it unless she was sleeping. And then, she had to have three, one in her mouth and one in each hand. *shrugs* Eventually we got her to the point where she didn’t need a paci anymore, no matter what. We still had one for her while flying though, since she had flown about 11 flights before age 2, and didn’t want her ears to hurt… But convincing her to take it after she was weened? HORRIBLE! She would not go for it!
    As a thought, since Elle likes her voice so much, have you tried having her sing instead of scream? Anytime Ella started screaming, I’d start singing whatever song popped into my head first, and eventually Ella started singing with me. Might work for Elle.
    Good luck in the meanwhile though!!!


  2. nana
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 06:11:50

    Lol i had a feeling she was going to be a LOUD talker
    Nana loves you Elle


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