Elle Monster

Have you ever tried to unpack your house while a 1 year old runs rampant through out it? Well, I have. And I have to say, its not fun!

This is how Matt and I’s day went:

*Notice that Elenore is in another room, seeming to be happily playing with a toy. So I think “Ok, I’ll try and unpack this box.” Grab scissors and start to unpack box. First ball of paper unwrapped, when BAM! suddenly you have a squealing one year old in your face and has some how gotten a hold of 2 of the paper bundles, which; of course, contain porcelain collectables. You try and wrestle that paper out of her hand without breaking whatever is inside.  I succeed in only saving one. Elenore: 1 Mommy:0

*Finally having gotten a box unpacked without Elenore destroying anything inside, you start to feel safe. Happily you start to organize the mess around you that just came from inside your box. You look up to find that EVERYTHING you have just put away is now not only across the room, but is being thrown into the air by a ecstatic  toddler.  Elenore:2 Mommy:0

*Matt is attempting to set up our new washer and dryer. We are both staring at the instructions when we realize that not only is Elenore silent (#1 clue to trouble in the making), but she is no longer in the same room as us. In the hunt to find her (Our house is suddenly a maze of hiding spots) Matt and I split up. Suddenly I hear him exclaim “NO ELENORE!”. To our dismay she has found the scissors we lost in the mess and is running with them. Thankfully Matt gets them from her hands before injury occurs. Elenore: 3 Mommy and Daddy: 0

*Having finally gotten a good portion of work done, even with the child going crazy. We try to have a nice, quiet dinner. Elenore is not having any of this and proceeds to throw all her food off her plate and onto the floor. Try to hand her a sippy cup, that is flung at your head. Try and remove her from the high chair, you get slapped. Finally getting her to calm down, we eat a quick dinner. We then rush to put her into the bath, get her ready for bed and finally lay her down exactly at bedtime.

That is the day of madness…..

What are mommy and daddy doing now you say? Going to bed early. Yep, we are going to bed early. I wont be surprised if we both are in  bed by 9. Oh what a 1 year old will do to us……..




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