Moving- DONE!

Well we received our stuff today… FINALLY! I was starting to go crazy! HAHA

Elenore had no idea what was going on, but thought it was super cool anyways. I held her the whole time, directed the movers, and laughed at her funny expressions. They were like “What in the world is going on?!” Then when we started to unpack, she proceeded to try and “help” aka Grab everything mommy is trying to put away and run away with it. Grandma was very helpful in that aspect. (Thanks Terry! We love you) She kept Elenore busy for us 🙂 I do think Elle’s favorite part was when we pulled all her old toys out of her boxes. It was like Christmas morning all over again! Since she didn’t remember the toys, they were like new 😉

I discovered something too. I have WAY to much china! I mean, 4 sets of china that I have NEVER used and will just continue to sit in my Amore. So I made a decision today; I’m selling them. Only keeping a set that was a wedding gift and the set of Korean china Matthew bought for me when he was deployed in Korea, and then again when he went back for a TDY. I’ll actually get some use in with those ones.

Here is some photos of our crazy move in day!

My livingroom


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