Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we took Elenore to the pumpkin patch. It was extra fun this year because she could actually walk around and pick out her pumpkin.

We got there and were 1. surprised by the difference between pumpkin patches back home and Idaho, compared to Texas pumpkin patches and 2. thought it was the cutest thing ever! It basically was someone’s house that they converted their front yard into a pumpkin patch. There were rows and rows of pumpkins with fun decorations and cut out figures for the children to take pictures with and  play with. I got extra excited over the princess cut outs lol

Beauty and the Beast! Mommy’s favorite

We spent a good 2 hours there, just wandering around, eating the baked goods, and letting Elenore play with the pumpkins. She thought one in particular was amazing, so there was several minutes of her wandering around holding that  particular pumpkin. It was super cute.


Picking out her pumpkin

Something else that was interesting about the pumpkin patch trip was that it sparked conversation  between Matthew and I. We have never really discussed family traditions before. I’m not really sure why; probably because we are just not having kids and stuff, but we had never had the discussion as to what traditions were following us into our family and what our kids would be following. What sparked this was the selection of pumpkins. In my family, we always had my dad pick out the largest pumpkin, then mom; slightly smaller, me, then Wesley etc. It always worked out that my father had the largest pumpkin. It was just kind of assumed that it should go like that. So, while Matthew was picking his pumpkin, I kept exclaiming “But that one is SMALLER than mine! That can’t be!”. He found this super funny, because in his family, they just pick whatever pumpkin they believe looks like them. The size didn’t really matter. I found this hard to grasp. Of course as Wesley and I got bigger, so did our pumpkins and the size difference wasn’t really as drastic anymore, but I really had always assumed that the dads always got the largest pumpkin, followed by mommies.

I realize that this is a silly tradition and really not that important, but it opened the door for the important Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter traditions. So all last night was spent laughing, talking and deciding what was going to follow Elenore through her life. Who would have thought that you have to discuss THAT! I mean we have been married for 4 years in December and just now realized it. haha
So FYI to all you single friends out there; ask about that stuff when you get serious with someone. It actually is something that can make an interesting holiday season if you don’t! 😉






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  1. nana
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 01:14:56

    lol. never thought about the pumpkins picking..did Dad always have the largest…Not sure why and when that started,maybe we were making a pumpkin family on the steps..Interesting hearing your take on the tradition..You and Matt need to make your own too…Love you guys…



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