Giggle filled days

Yesterday was full of laughter for us. The morning started out with Matt lounging on the couch during his lunch time and having his feet up. I was sitting next to him reading a book when suddenly Matt says “Elenore stop head butting my boot! I looked down and started laughing. She was not heading butt his boot like he thought. She was actually licking and biting his boots. Matt really didn’t like that his precious angel would do such a disgusting thing. HAHA

Then the day progressed with Elenore almost giving me a heart attack. I turned around for a second and in that second I wasn’t looking Elenore discovered how to climb up onto a container in the living room. She thought it was a great idea, me; not to much.

And finally, she concluded the day of laughter with wandering into the back room and hanging out there for a few minutes. I followed her in there since she was quiet for way to long. What I found was her standing in her little power stance with a very serious look on her face. I watched her for a good minute before I figured out (more like smelled) what she was doing. She had claimed the back room as her bathroom. (I’m thinking potty training might be in our near future)

Here is Matthew’s most recent proud Daddy moment:
We spent an hour or so at a Power sports store. While wandering through the store Elenore found a little green dirt bike. She instantly loved it. Started giggling and playing on it. This of course, made Matt VERY happy. His little girl is turning into a tom boy. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I mean, come on. I’m her mother and she is surrounded by motorcycle riding, dirt bike riding, gun shooting, military men on a daily basis, and only has Uncles. It was bound to happen.



Why is this scaring you so much mommy?


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  1. nana
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 23:18:37

    Thanks for sharing. A tomboy, i would have been surprise if she was not. Hugs to all.3


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