Elle-isms and update on our house

So one of Elenore’s new things is to run around the house making a growling/snorting noise. Matt and I laugh that she sounds like a old man. This morning she was doing her new sound and Matt goes, “What are you doing Elenore?” She looks at him smirks and continues on.

Everyday she is showing us more and more of her personality, and its looking to be a real hard one. Haha We definitely have our hands full and are loving every minute of it.



So as many of you know, we are in the process of buying a home. We are beyond excited about this and are becoming very impatient for the house to close. The actual closing date is the 25th, but our realtor and mortgage lender are telling us that they are shooting for the 15th. Lots of prayer for an early closing would be awesome, since after the 15th we have to start paying out of pocket for the TLF we are currently living in. It wouldn’t hurt us financially at all. But it would still be nice to not have to pay some of our own money and be done with close quarters and noisy neighbors.




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