Rohnan’s Birth- 2HBAC turned VBAC

Rohnan’s birth was such a whirl wind and adventure. From start to finish this little man has made us work for it but I wouldn’t change his story for the world. I  learned so much about my intuition and gut from his pregnancy and birth!

Many of you know that I’m a home birther. I love home birth and advocate for it whenever I can. Rohnan’s big sister was an HBAC (home birth after cesarean) and it was the most healing and amazing experience of my life. Her birth helped me move past her older sister’s traumatic birth and discover my passion for birth advocacy. So when we finally got pregnant with our rainbow baby and I knew the little one was going to make it I started calling home birth midwives in Utah so that I wouldn’t have to worry about that step when we got here. Found an amazing and super experienced midwife and sighed a sigh of relief. I was set!

We got to Utah and I decided to also set up an appointment with a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) at the local hospital that I had heard great things about. I had been told she would do concurrent care for home birth mamas and she was totally covered by our insurance. Bonus! haha She told me she wasn’t allowed to catch VBAC babies but would be my back up midwife through my pregnancy and would be there if I needed her. She wrote all my prescriptions for me and that was such a blessing. Since I had GD again I was having to pay for my test strips and stuff, not any longer!

His pregnancy was relatively uneventful until the end when the CNM heard an heart arrhythmia during a routine check up. That was a stressful few weeks until the specialists determined that it was nothing to worry about and I was given the clear to deliver how ever I wanted. I had the feeling he wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought from then on. My gut told me we would be giving birth in the hospital but I went about it just like we were not.

Jump forward to 37 weeks. I had already been having prodomal labor for a solid week. NO FUN! My midwives both thought I may not make it till 40 weeks, but of course, Rohnan had a different idea about how things were going to go and I went all the way to 40 weeks and 3 days before the prodomal labor turned into early labor at 4 in the morning. My mom was here so when she woke up and I was already up, she knew. Today was the day.

I tried to go about the day like nothing was going on. My midwife showed up in the afternoon with my birth pool and all her supplies. Checked me and saw that I was already a 6-7. HOLY MOLY! Bulging bags too. She believed it was going to be soon so we started setting up my pool and filling it. By the time it was full I was beyond ready to get in. The contractions were close together and intense but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I remember thinking how this was going way to easy.

My midwife asked if I wanted to be checked again to see where I was and I agreed. I was almost complete and she thought if she broke my water I would have baby in an hour so I said go for it. Apparently, my bags were SUPER thick because she could barely get it to pop and then his head stopped the flow. My contractions then became what I remembered from River’s birth and things really got intense.

This is when my body decided that it wasn’t going to cooperate. Rohnan pulled back up instead of down and I closed back up to a 7. The next few hours were a blur of pain as we worked to get him to come back down. I went back and forth from a 7 to complete multiple times and the whole time I was in the midst of transition contractions. All you mama’s know exactly what I’m talking about, nonstop and painful. At one point my midwife was trying to get him to come down by holding me open and I was pushing but he would just keep coming down and going back up. I was so done. Got back in the pool to relax for a moment and had enough clarity hit me that I was able to really think. I told everyone I was done and he wasn’t coming out. I needed an epidural to get on top of these contractions. Chris (my mw) agreed we had done everything we could here at home to get him to come and that there was no shame in going in for some back up. We then got me dressed and I went to the hospital. Chris assured all of us that Rohnan was just fine, it was just me that needed a break. That was a relief to know that even though I was a mess, he was just fine.

Got to the hospital and got my epidural. RELIEF! The nurses were amazing and the OB on duty was beyond supportive of me and I never felt like they were talking down to me or talking behind my back about “the home birth transfer”. That was just what I needed. Chris was there and so was Matt and the OB told me that we weren’t giving up yet and that I was be getting my second VBAC. Told me to rest and that they were going to turn on the smallest level of pit to get Rohnan to engage again. That did the trick! He finally started to engage again and I started to dilate.

I was so thankful my midwife had come with me. She was my rock as I laid there waiting for my body to get moving. She listened to his heart rate with me, told me he was sounding amazing, held my hand as they checked me, etc. She made me feel safe. She was a real God send. Matt even got to nap in peace because he knew she was there watching out for me. Finally it was time to push. The nurses got the ball moving without the OB there and got me to crown before they even called him in. LOL

Rohnan decided to get stuck right then though and it was a group effort to get him out. Thank goodness I was numb because otherwise it would had been really, really painful. And he was here! 22 hours of labor, 8 lbs 9 oz, 22 inches long and perfection. I got everything I wanted and the OB was so beyond kind.

So my second HBAC turned VBAC but I am so at peace with it all. We know without a doubt that we needed to be in the hospital this time. I needed that pain relief and the many drugs for hemorrhage (started to bleed an hour later and it took at lot to get it to stop) and he needed the nudge to be born.

Come to find out that the OB that came to our birth was the same OB that refers women to Chris when they want to home birth so he was just who I needed that night. God works in mysterious ways.

I can’t thank enough everyone who was there for me during our adventure. God, My amazing midwife, the CNM who got me through the really difficult parts of my pregnancy, the nurses who were so supportive and nonjudgmental, the OB who said I was getting my second VBAC that night, my mom who watched my kids and held me when I realized I needed to transfer, Andrea who took AMAZING photos of my labor and of my beautiful children, and finally, but most importantly, my warrior of a husband who was with me through it all. I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Rohnan is here and showing us just how different each child can be.




Before and After

So as many of you know I got my HBAC like I had dreamed since the day I had my c-section with my first daughter and last night I was reflecting on how different I am now as a person, in the way I think and the way I react to other people and their birth stories.

With Elenore I was happy that she was healthy (obviously) but there was just something that lingered in my soul after her birth that just sat there and festered. The only way I can explain it is that I felt cheated of the bonding time with her, of her firsts: her first time being fed, the first person to hold her, the first person to kiss her etc. etc. I missed out on all of those. Because  of my c-section i was out of it after her  birth and didn’t even feel the desire to hold her for a good hour or so. I remember laying there, barely able to hold my eyes open watching my  mother, my mother in law and my husband hold, cuddle and bottle feed her and I felt a mixture of anger, resentment and sorrow, but couldn’t seem to open my mouth or eyes long enough to tell them that I wanted her.  It wasn’t for a long while that I finally held her and was able to do all of above and it just lingered in my soul that I didn’t get that with her.

Plus, as time went on I felt that I wasn’t really given a chance to give birth to her in the way I wanted. I was so angry and started seeking out like minded moms. I found them and through them found the information, support and understanding that I had needed since the moment I was sent off to my c-section. I knew I needed to heal and a step in that direction was to give birth to my next child on my own terms and to have the experience I was cheated.

After a miscarriage and finally having a little baby stick I started the process of finding a VBAC friendly provider. That was way harder than it should had been but I found Kelly and knew I was going to have my healing birth.

Fast forward to 6 weeks postpartum of the most healing, amazing, and empowering birth of River and I feel… whole. Its the only way I can describe it. From the moment I felt River exit my body the way God meant babies to be born I felt complete.



Pushing beautiful daughter out

Pushing beautiful daughter out

I did it!

I did it!













Suddenly I am  no longer angry. I am no longer resentful of my friends who just go in and give birth in hospitals with no issues and come out like it was nothing. Or friends who get induced and the cascade of interventions don’t lead them to c-sections. Or friends who DO get a c-section and wonder why I’m so upset over mine.

I’m free of all that and I’m also empowered to change the outcomes of birth for women so that they can feel what I did.

I can now talk to people about birth and not feel resentment. I feel empathy for the women who didn’t get what they wanted. I don’t just say to them “well your baby was healthy so you should be happy” to the women who are mourning their dream birth or feel anger towards the women who think I’m silly for the way I believe a birth should happen. I just know that if they ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear that I’m there for them.

This whole thing has lead me to knowing that when my girls are in school I will be becoming a birth professional of some kind. Whatever form that takes: doula, midwife etc. I will do my best to make sure that each and every woman’s birth goes the way she dreamed and if it doesn’t she knows she doesn’t have to cover up the feelings of anger. I’m there with her.

Until then I’ll continue to try and inform my friends and family on what evidence based birth is and continue to support and be a ear to talk to for all of them;  no matter what their birth outcome was and how they feel about it post birth.

Beautiful River

Beautiful River

River’s Birth Story

The healing and beautiful HBAC (home birth after Cesarean)  of River Lee.

I had been having some pretty intense Braxton hicks starting on Monday evening (River’s due date!) that had slowly progressed to a more painful back ache. I remember thinking that this couldn’t possibly  be it and that I couldn’t allow myself to get excited. I did however tell my birth group friends on FB. 😉 After lots of encouragement and pep talk from them I settled in for what I knew was the long haul.

Wednesday rolled around with me having not really slept deeply since Monday night and I was really looking forward to what my midwife Kelly had to say about all of it and to hear River’s heart beat. I took Elle along and she got the wonderful opportunity to listen to her sister’s heart beat with the help of Kelly. The look on Elle’s face was priceless as she concentrated and listened. Kelly told me she believed what I was experiencing was practice labor and to go ahead and head over to the Chiropractor and see if he could kick-start my labor for me. She also gave me some more moves to move River to the left side of my uterus. (a more favorable position for labor and delivery)

Sadly, I didn’t make it over to see Dr. Brooks that day, and I remember how emotional I was that evening. I mentioned it to my birth friends and they encouraged me and told me that I was definitely heading in the right direction and that they all remember being REALLY emotional the day before labor started. I tried not to let that get my hopes up.

Hello Thursday.  No change so I decided to head to the Chiropractor. He prepped my pelvis for labor and pushed on some pressure points to hopefully get things moving.

That evening Matt surprised me with a beautiful Valentines day dinner and gave me a new Wii Mario game to play with. I spent the next few hours playing the Wii till my contractions in my back were so painful that I couldn’t concentrate on my game any longer. I decided to head to bed and to text Kelly in the morning if they were time able.

Woke up when Matt did Friday morning around 5 am to find that they were now time able and that I should text Kelly. Got the response to get as much sleep as I could and Matt headed into work with the promise that he would keep his phone nearby and would make sure everyone knew to get him ASAP if I called.

I went back to sleep (kinda ;)) for a few hours and then got up with Elenore. Matt came home around noon (because his coworkers insisted he come home lol) and we tried to keep the day as normal as possible for all of us and just go about our day. We browsed Target, Matt cleaned the whole house, I baked muffins and River’s birthday cake with Elenore and just really tried to enjoy the last day that we for sure were just as a family of 3. It was a real blessing.

Kelly came by and checked me and found that I was a stretchy 3 and around 60% effaced. I was really happy to hear that and she said she was thinking it would be tonight or early Saturday morning. She left to go get some rest and told me to do the same.

I attempted to sleep and Matt ran off to run some last-minute errands. Got a cat nap in before Elle awoke and we spent the last section of the day just relaxing.

Put Elle down at 7 and it was like a switch flipped inside me and my contractions started to get real painful. Told Kelly we needed her to head over because I needed support around 8. She told me they were on their way.

At this point I really had to concentrate during my contractions and either had to be on my birthing ball rocking or walking and swaying to be able to get through them. Kelly and the team arrived and started to get everything all set up for River’s birth.

In between contractions they were all laughing and joking and it was such a lovely environment. I had my candles, music and husband and I felt completely safe to just let go and let my body do what it was meant to do. I knew they would all take care of me and I just let go.

Matthew was such my rock, he was there every time a contraction hit and would squeeze my hips together while Lauren or Kelly kept hot packs to my stomach and back. He made me laugh a couple of times as I yelled his name from across the room and he would sprint to my side right as the contraction hit so that he could do whatever I needed to help me get through the pain.

After a few hours I decided it was time to call my friend Megan and get her there for my birth photos. I had a feeling things were about to change. Right around than is where my contractions hit a point where I asked for my birth pool. Kelly told me it was ok and they started filling it. The feeling was SO nice once I was finally able to climb into the pool and just relax. I only vaguely remember Megan arriving since I think I dozed off for a while.

Right around when I looked up and found that it was 11:30 at night and I joked that the last time I looked it was 10:30, that was right when the contractions  became so bad that I no longer fully knew where everyone was in the room. All I know is that whenever I needed them I had someone pouring water on my back, holding my hand or doing whatever they could to get me through the contraction. Matt kept me hydrated and fed and the wonderful women kept him sane and reminded him to take care of himself as well.

  At one point I remember thinking that I was in transition but then the contractions took me again and all rational thought escaped me. Kelly checked me again and I was a stretchy 8. I couldn’t have felt more relief than I did at that point, I had stalled at a 7 with Elenore!

Midnight rolled around and Matt commented that River was missing her Valentines birthday! We all just laughed.

This was the point that everything got really fuzzy. I started to no longer be able to “control” the contractions like I did before and had to really start reminding myself to make low noises and not high ones through my contractions. Repeatedly I said silly things and then after the contraction ended would apologize to everyone around me. If someone tried to touch me during a contraction I would slap my hands around and then again at the end apologize. I felt very out of control. I started saying over and over “I just don’t know” since I couldn’t find a comfortable position to be in anymore. Every time I looked up in a daze I saw Kelly’s face or Matthew’s face and it was really comforting.

The urge to push hit so quickly that I was really caught off guard. I looked at Kelly and asked if I should push. She told me to wait and checked me again. I wasn’t quite ready but was a 9. She told me to use quick breathes through the contractions to stop my pushing. I remember being VERY annoyed with her at this point. I started to ask everyone who was close at the right moment why I was doing this and they would just keep reminding me of River. I didn’t find this to be a good enough reason anymore. I really had left all rational thought behind.

Kelly asked if I wanted her to pray and I remembering nodding my head yes. She prayed over Matt and I and prayed for a quick and safe delivery. I felt such peace wrap around me than and for a few seconds I felt God’s presence before my contraction took me away again.

Suddenly I couldn’t stop my pushing anymore and Kelly checked again to find that I had a small cervical lip that was the only thing hanging me up. She asked if I wanted her to hold it out-of-the-way while I pushed and all I could think was that it was going to hurt! She told me yes it would hurt but if I really wanted to push I had to. I made her wait and am not really sure how long I argued, reasoned and tried to ask everyone why I couldn’t I just go to the hospital and get that epidural now. (yes, silly, I know lol) Kelly calmly told me it would take longer to get the epidural than it would for me just to do this now. She finally informed me that I HAD to get out of the pool and I would push past the lip because it was starting to swell and then I could get back into the pool. It took everything inside of me to stand up with the help of Lauren and Matt get out of the pool and onto the  birthing stool.  I sat on the stool and just started to sob. I really remember Kelly saying “its ok, she needs to cry” and then got in front of me to start the pushing process.

This is the point where I feel like I left all of myself behind. Kelly held the lip while I pushed and I was so past the point of making any sense and just WANTED TO BE DONE! I kept saying how much it hurt and Matt kept saying “you can do this, a little bit more” and I wanted to hit  him! At one point Kelly told me to feel my daughter’s head and feel how close she was. I reached down and felt her  head and wanted to cry when I realized she wasn’t crowning yet, but was close. Kelly asked if I wanted to get back into the pool and I refused. I didn’t want to move. During one of the last pushes I was squealing so much that Kelly told me to stop squealing and just push! It was what I needed to hear and really started to push. Than holy moly the ring of fire hit!

They really mean it when they call it the ring of fire! Kelly  made me stop and feel her head to give my body a chance to adjust to her head and I just wanted to get her out! I remember just thinking “get her out!” and did a great big push to where FINALLY her head was out! Than I realized I still had her body and I really almost lost it but did the last push to get her out.

Oh the relief! It really is a indescribable feeling when your baby is finally out and  you did it!

This point everything slowed down and I went into a kind of twilight zone as things around me really sped up. I was just watching Kelly rub down River and suction out her nose and mouth when suddenly I heard Lauren tell me to open my mouth and she gave me a dose of herbs, than the shot into my leg and then suddenly I heard Sherri tell me she was giving me another shot of Pit and I all of a sudden realized what was happening. I was bleeding and it wouldn’t stop. Kelly told me to STOP BLEEDING and I remember mumbling, “ok” and pushing out River’s placenta. That was when everyone calmed and vaguely I remember thinking “oh, I’m ok now” and they let me hold River and bring her to my breast to nurse. Matt and I just looked at her and Kelly prepped her for her cord to be cut. Matt didn’t want to cut it so Megan got to cut it (she was SO excited!) and than finally it was over.

They got me onto the bed and wrapped up with warm towels, started an IV drip and I just sat there in stunned disbelief that I had actually done it! I had pushed out my daughter! All 8 lbs and 3 oz of her!

Later I asked how long I was actually pushing because it felt like hours and got the surprising answer of only 20 minutes! Wow… That was a shock. haha

I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Even with the scary part at the end Matt agrees that it was the best experience of his life.

I firmly believe I wouldn’t have made it in a hospital. I would have given up at the first suggestion during transition. I really needed a house full of people who knew what I wanted and were willing to help me fight; even when it was me, to get the birth I wanted and needed. I thank God everyday for leading me to Kelly and her team and having all the blocks fall into place for me to have this home birth.

God really does work in mysterious ways and it all ended with a beautiful 8 lb baby girl.

40 weeks, what?!

I can not BELIEVE I’m 40 weeks this Monday! How crazy! I feel like this pregnancy just flew on by! It had to be just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant again?? Wasn’t it just last week that I found out we were having another girl?? Come on, only a few days since I switched to my midwife?!?!?

That is literally how fast this pregnancy has felt. haha Now I’m just sitting here waiting for labor to start. :p Every twinge gets me all antsy and news of friends going into labor is making me feel nuts! haha

Come on little one! Mommy wants to meet you!

Had another appointment yesterday and everything is still looking great and got myself adjusted by the chiropractor to help relieve some of my end of pregnancy woes (haha My poor back).

Patience is a virtue right? I need some sent my way 😉


38 weeks and counting….

So last week I decided that I was really over FB. Everything was getting on my  nerves and I knew that it would just get worse as the days went by and I got closer and closer to d-day. So I made my last post and have happily just sat on the sidelines since then. I just have to say that I enjoy just lurking, commenting here and there on other people’s posts, watching out for my friend’s to go into labor and writing to my mommy groups way more than posting to my own wall. No idea why, but I just feel calmer doing that. Not to mention everyone who needs to get a hold of me knows I’ll answer a pm or text message really promptly, so it hasn’t effected my social life at all. lol

Now to what I’m sure everyone is really interested in: me being 38 weeks and 3 days today. I’m getting down to the end and I just can’t wait! 2 of my friends have had their babies this week and I couldn’t be happier for them but its also making me really impatient! LOL
I just keep telling myself that she ISN’T coming early, so I can’t even get that into my mind and she WILL be late, so I can’t get to excited yet. I have a minimum of 2 more weeks to go! I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t show up till I was 42 weeks. She has the stubborn genes for it  and I’m willing to wait it out till she is ready. 😉

Had my 38 week appointment with my midwife today and River sounds amazing, is sitting in a good position (Yay for no longer being OP!), my weight gain is awesome and my sugar levels are perfect. Everything looks wonderful. I couldn’t be happier to hear that.
Now we quite literally just have to wait her out. lol Matt thinks she will either be a few days early or her 40th week and I think she is going to be really late. :p We shall see who is right!

I literally feel jittery with excitement to get my healing home birth and to see my beautiful new daughter’s face.

Come on baby girl, we are ready for you! ❤

Entering a new year

I seriously can’t believe that 2014 is here! Its crazy. This year is going to be amazing.

*River will be joining us earth side and we couldn’t be more excited to see her precious little face and hear her first cries.

*I’ll be getting back onto the workout and healthy eating train. Can’t wait to get my butt into gear and hit the gym! Only gained 20 lbs so far so it should be easier to get rid of the baby weight this time around 🙂

*We will be buying a new vehicle! I’m super excited about this.

*We will be paying off all our credit card debt within the first 3 months of 2014. Whoo hoo!

*Weddings! There should be a few. I’m SO excited for them.

*Family will be visiting us here in Texas and we will be trying to head home sometime this summer; if not, next fall.

*Elenore will be turning 3! Holy Moly….

*I’m going to try and expand on the friendships I have been building. I’m way to much of a hermit 90% of the time. lol

*My goal is to become closer to God and try to trust him more. I try to do things myself way to often.

*I also want to become more frugal and make more meals at home. I’ve fallen into the bad habit of not wanting to cook! Time for some change 🙂

and finally

*Always want to be a better mama and wife to the loves of my life ❤


Tiger strips and baby weight

I’ve fallen into this trap before where I give birth, (thinking back on Elenore) and than I think after a short month that I should be back to pre-pregnancy body and be  back to what I was before. How wrong I was!


Than you look around and see all these mothers who literally drop all this weight after birth and you feel inadequate. Aren’t you supposed to do the same thing? You are working your butt off and can’t seem to get the weight off or even if you do get the weight off your tummy forever looks like a tiger slashed you with its claws. What is a girl to do??

Have you ever thought to just throw out the scale, stand in front of our husband’s and see how much they love us and how beautiful we are to them even with the baby weight and stretch marks? Or better yet, look in the mirror and see how great you look. Is all the fat gone? No. But do you feel better and look better in the mirror? Yes? Than take that and hold it to your heart! We don’t all have to look like super models or run way models. Some of us are always going to have a small tummy after giving birth (dang you stretched ab muscles!) or will never again be able to wear a bikini because of our tiger scratches, but you know what? We are still beautiful because we carried our beautiful children (child) for 9 months and gave them life! How miraculous and beautiful is that??

God made us to carry children and we should be proud of that AND what our bodies now look like after we bring them into this world.

I, myself, struggle with this and am just now accepting my stretch marks (which are now being joined by some more because of my current pregnancy) and my beautiful daughter was born over 2 years ago. I’m hoping this time that I can come to the point where I am proud of my stretch marks and can show my beautiful daughters that its OK to never be super model thin, or have a “perfect” body.I remember as a teen struggling with  my body and all the girls around me were also struggling to be “perfect”. We all had something that we hated about ourselves and I can remember a specific photo shoot for my Water polo team when a good portion of us had the photographer photograph us with our legs hidden by the pool because “we hated our legs”. I was one of them. I than was shocked when Matt (my boyfriend and future husband) took one look at the photo (which I was nervous to give him because I thought I looked horrible) and told me how gorgeous I was and than showed the picture off to everyone he could show at school. I was mortified! Than he proceeded to tell me that one of his favorite teachers saw the photo and commented that “she has a body you can bounce a quarter off of!” and how proud he was of that. I was dumbfounded. All I could see was what was “wrong” with me in the picture and not what I see now which is that I was super healthy, super fit and gorgeous. Oh how I wish I could head back in time and tell that young girl that she didn’t need to hide anything from the photographer or be embarrassed at games and wear a towel so that my legs didn’t show. I was beautiful and didn’t need to be ashamed.

We just need to be OK with the bodies God gave us and to live as healthy as we can and take care of these bodies. I personally want to show my girls that they are beautiful; no matter what (even after 25+ pounds of  baby weight and stretch marks galore!), and that when they do find their future husbands that they will love them no matter what they look like either. They are beautiful and have beautiful souls and our physical bodies have nothing to do with it and the right men will see that.

Women we need to show our young girls all of this and the only way to do that is to show with our actions and words. Do you constantly talk about the current “diet” you are on? Are you always worried about what much the scale is saying? Do you take a compliment that your husband gives you and say “but….” in front of your daughters? Do you despise your stretch marks and remark on them in the ear shot of your girls??

We need to stop it. We need to learn how to love ourselves as we are and to show our young girls that they are  beautiful no matter what.  We need to just show them that we need to stay healthy (whether healthy is 134 lbs for one daughter and 150 for another) and to be active but not to take it to the extreme and not to focus on the scale. Or better yet, never even have a scale in your home!

And don’t forget about dad’s part in this. Its not all the mom’s job.  Daddy is the first man that will tell her that she is beautiful. The first man that she will look to for approval in her outfits as she comes out of her room all dressed up for an occasion. He is the first person that  her little heart will turn to to know if she is beautiful. I know the most heart bursting emotions were always when my daddy called me beautiful or when he would just nod his approval over my outfit and I just knew that he thought I looked pretty. Dad is very important to a young girl. I know that my husband tries very hard to let Elle know that she is beautiful. She may not understand yet, but when she is a teen it will make  her heart and spirit glow. Same with our little River.

How different would our teenage years be if we weren’t constantly worried about our weight, our looks, or how we appeared? I want that for my daughters. I hope you want that for them as well and we try our best to help them through the hardest years of their lives confident and independent young women ready to take on the world.


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